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Privacy Policy


The Fund refers to Regular Force Medical Continuation Fund (RFMCF).

Administrator refers to PPS Healthcare Administrators, the administrator and managed care organisation for the RFMCF.

“Data subject” has the meaning assigned to it in POPIA and refers to the person to whom the personal information relates and includes both natural and juristic persons.

“PAIA Manual” refers to the Manual compiled in terms of section 51 of the Promotion of Access to Information Act (Act 2 of 2000).

“Personal information” has the meaning assigned to it in POPIA and refers to information relating to living human beings and existing juristic persons. It includes information such as race, gender, age, medical information, identity number, contact details and confidential correspondence and “information” has a corresponding meaning.

Process(ing) (of) information means the lawful and reasonable automated or manual activity of collecting, recording, organising, storing, updating, distributing and removing or deleting personal information to ensure that such processing is adequate, relevant and not excessive given the purpose for which it is processed.

“POPIA” means the Protection of Personal Information Act (Act 4 of 2013) and the Regulations issued in terms thereof.

“You” / “Your” refers to the data subject whose personal information is processed by the Fund.


The Fund was established by the Defence Act, Act 42 of 2002 and is operated in accordance with General Regulations, Chapter XV as promulgated. The South African Military Health Services (SAMHS) of the Defence Force is the preferred health service provider to the beneficiaries. PPSHA provides both Administration and Managed Healthcare services to RFMCF.

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Information Officer

Our Information Officer’s contact details:

Name:  Dr Anushka Jamuna


Telephone: 012 679 4200


This Privacy Policy applies to personal information that we have in our possession or under our control and personal information that we collect or receive from or about you. 

 It stipulates, amongst others, how we collect the information, the type of information collected, why that information is collected, the circumstances under which that information will be shared with others, the security measures that we have implemented to protect the information and how you may obtain access to and correct your information.


We collect personal information directly from you when you supply information on our website, when you provide information to us or when another person or entity provides information about you to us.

Information may also be collected from other sources (e.g., public records), depending on the circumstances, when it is, for example, not possible to obtain the information directly from you, or, when you make information publicly available.


You have the right to object to the processing of your personal information and have a choice whether or not to accept these terms and conditions. However, it is important to note that the Fund and Administrator require your acceptance to activate and service your membership. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, we cannot activate and service your membership.


There are various laws that permit the processing of personal information such as South African Defence Act Regulations and POPIA. Other personal information may be collected and processed, if it is required in the circumstances. 

We generally process your personal information for the following purposes:

  1. to verify the accuracy, correctness and completeness of any information provided to the Fund and Administrator in the course of processing an application for membership or providing services related to the membership;
  2. for the administration of your medical aid;
  3. for the provision of managed care services to you on your medical aid;
  4. for the provision of relevant information to a contracted third party who requires this information in order to provide a healthcare service to you on your medical aid;
  5. to profile and analyse risk;
  6. to share your personal information with external health providers for them to assess or evaluate certain clinical information, in the event that you are subject to such a clinical assessment; and
  7. market, statistical and academic research.


We are committed to ensuring the security of your personal information in order to protect it from unauthorised processing and access as well as loss, damage or unauthorised destruction. 

We have implemented and continually review and update our information protection measures to ensure the security, integrity, and confidentiality of your information in accordance with industry best practices. These measures include secure storage of records; password control to access electronic records, firewalls and off-site data back-ups. In addition, only those officers, employees and service providers or suppliers that require access to your information to discharge their functions and to render services to us are granted access to your information and only if they have concluded agreements with us or provided undertakings regarding the implementation of appropriate security measures, maintaining confidentiality and processing the information only for the agreed purposes. We will inform you and the Information Regulator, if any person has unlawfully obtained access to your personal information, subject to the provisions of the law.


You have the right to request access to your personal information in our possession or under our control and information of third parties to whom we have supplied that information subject to restrictions imposed in legislation. If you wish to exercise this right, please complete the prescribed form, available from our Information Officer, and submit it to the Information Officer. Costs may be applicable to such request, which can be obtained from the Information Officer. Please consult our PAIA Manual for further information.


We have a duty to take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure your personal information is complete, accurate, not misleading and updated on a regular basis. To enable this, we will always endeavour to obtain personal information from you directly. Where we are unable to do so, we will make use of verifiable independent third-party data sources.


If you have a complaint about how we are processing your personal information, or if you wish to object to us processing your personal information or request the correction, deletion or destruction of any of the personal information records we hold about you, please get in touch with our Information Officer at, in the first instance, so that we can resolve the complaint or attend to your request.

All requests need to be submitted on the prescribed forms, as set out in the POPIA Regulations.

All requests for access to personal information records must be made on the form prescribed in terms of PAIA.

The prescribed form for reporting complaints regarding the use or processing of your personal information by us must be addressed on Form 1.

The prescribed form for requesting the correction, deletion or destruction of your information records by us must be addressed on Form 2. 

You acknowledge that in some instances, RFMCF may not be able to comply with your request to correct or delete your personal information where this request conflicts with any applicable laws.

In terms of POPIA, you are also entitled to direct a complaint to the Office of the Information Regulator, South Africa, if you feel that your complaint has not been adequately addressed directly with us. Complaints to be addressed to the Information Regulator must be completed in the prescribed manner and form (on prescribed Form 5 Part II, as set out in the POPIA Regulations).

The Office of the Information Regulator may be contacted at (general enquiries) or (complaints).

Their website is:


This External Privacy Standard is governed by the laws of the Republic of South Africa.